Last Minute Gift Ideas

Every year we all have that one person who is extremely difficult to shop for or we accidentally . . . forget their name amongst the people on your list. (don’t worry I won’t tell!) If this is you, no worries! I have items that the men and women in your life are sure to love!

Let’s start with the men because we all know they can be the hardest to shop for. These gifts are perfect for men of all ages and interests.

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These gifts are perfect for any guy that you may know from fashionable to foodie! They are great!

  1. Skin care – Above is the Kiehl’s 24 hour anti-shine moisturizer. This line also has a facial wash that can be paired perfectly with the moisturizer as a nice gift. This is a great gift because every man washes his face so why not address his skincare needs as well. Now you don’t have to buy this specific moisturizer, this is just an idea to assist you in getting started. You can buy the moisturizer and facial wash that fits the needs for the special man in your life and your budget.
  2. Technology – I don’t know about you but I have yet to meet a guy that doesn’t like some form of technology! I think the challenge for most of us is figuring out which avenue to choose. Also to be completely honest most gifts can be quite an investment when it comes to technology. However, this year I have found what I believe to be the perfect gift! You can watch any show, it is for men of all ages, and it is inexpensive . . . it is Netflix! In my apartment we are one of the few left that have not jumped on the Netflix band wagon and if the man you know is anything like my husband then he has been talking about getting it for months and has yet to purchase it so I bought him a gift card to help him get started. Genius! right?! I know. Purchasing a gift card in this way makes it personal because it shows you were listening.
  3. Tickets – Frankly, tickets will be a nice gift for anyone but surprise the guy in your life with tickets to his favorite sports team or artists and it will be an event that you will both enjoy and remember!


The gifts for women are simple, vary in price, and can be found anywhere.

  1. A Scented Candle – This gift can be a bit of a challenge if you are not completely familiar with the likes of your friend or family member. Nonetheless, if you can find a scented candle that smells amazing it will be a great gift for anyone who enters the room.
  2. Mascara – Even the woman with the most simple beauty routine can use mascara. My absolute favorite is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! This is because it assists your lashes in appearing fuller, more defined, and lengthened. Anyone can apply this quickly while on the go or as the finishing touch on a glamorous face.
  3. Nail Polish – Nail polish can also be considered a beauty item. I picked this as a gift because it varies in price range making it a gift option for pretty much any girl! You can pick this gift up on the way to your next holiday party, toss it in a cute little gift bag, and you’re all set!

The best part about this last minute gift list is that one or two of the items on each list can be interchangeable making them great for the men or women on your gift list.

Good luck shopping!

~Happy Holidays!~


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