Winter Red

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a bold red lip. Especially during the winter season! I love red because it looks polished, can make your teeth appear whiter, and can easily be paired with a neutral (or even bare) face. I mean really what’s not to love?!

One of my favorite brands that is considered high end but is reasonably priced is MAC. A cult favorite around this time is Ruby Woo. I can see why it is so popular. It is described on the MAC website as a very matte vivid blue red. This makes it universally flattering for most and if you’re looking for a red lipstick to make your teeth appear whiter the blue undertones in this lipstick makes that possible.

YSL is known for their irresistibly luxurious feeling lipsticks and this one proves the rumors true! The YSL Rouge Volupte – silky sensual radiant lipstick (# 17) is perfect for those searching for a lipstick that has a super smooth feel and glides across the lips. My only suggestion would be to make sure that you pair this lipstick with a lipliner or lip primer. Because of it’s silkiness it will run right off of your lips and end up of your teeth or chin if your not careful. (a frequent reoccurrence for me when in a rush ::eye rolls:: and how does it end up on your chin anyway?!)

Finally my absolute favorite that I have worn for years is the YSL Vernis A Levres glossy stain #9 Rouge Laque. This is the red that I reachΒ for every time. It looks great paired with another red, is long lasting, comfortable to wear, and will stay in place all night. It Β is perfect for those looking for the longevity of a stain and the sheen of a gloss. When I wear this I am asked constantly about “what is on my lips”. In my opinion it is worth every penny!


So if you are searching for a the perfect red this season one of these three formulas is sure to meet your winter lip needs!


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