Winter Style: Vest

So like I said in my last blog post, 69 degrees with a few sun rays was waayyy too good to be true. This week the weather is around 30 degrees with a few inches of snow. But that’s ok because it is January so let it snow . . let it snow . . let it snow!

Of course along with snow I am now back to boots and sweaters. However, this Sunday instead of wearing a coat I chose to wear a vest. I like a vest because the options vary from light weight to heavy, they can be used to accessorize your outfit, and they aren’t as bulky as a coat can feel during this time of year.


A vest can be dressed up or down depending on the material and texture. If I want to pair a vest with something dressy I will usually go with something that is faux fur and if I want to dress more casually I will wear a vest that is more light weight. The vest that I wore today is what I would consider to be a happy medium.


I went for two outfits that are on the casual side. Switching out jeans for leggings and Timbs for Uggs each being just as comfortable as the other. It ultimately depends on your personal preference. Really, who doesn’t prefer Uggs?!



For now I’m still enjoying the snow in January. Switching accessories up every now and then helps to keep things interesting.

How are you staying warm this month?

~Happy Sunday!


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