Saturday Spring Trends

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So now that the weather is finally warm I can come come out of hibernation. lol! Anyone Β  who knows me knows that I LOVE the sun. Now that it is spring I have officially put all of my sweaters away and look forward to getting dressed even if it is for a quick errand. One of my go to clothing items for the spring season are white pants. I am sure that most people at this point have discovered the benefit of owning some piece of white clothing. Whether it is pants, shirts, or even an accessory such as a bag it can provide your spring out with a fresh, crisp, clean feeling that I absolutely love!



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Another trend that I continue to wear this year is the off the shoulder top. These are great because you’re not going to get too hot and they give your outfit more of a pulled together feel. An off the shoulder top is easy to throw on and with some simple accessories and cute sandals you look like you put a little extra time into your outfit that day.


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So the next time you’re wondering what to wear on a Saturday, or really any day of the week, you can do what I always do and grab your white denim, an off the shoulder top, and (if your like me) your gold accessories and you are out the door.

Check out my blog every Saturday for my favorite spring trends I am trying out this year and loving!

~See you Saturday!


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