Happy Friday! For some of you the end of the week is finally here but for me being a teacher I am still on summer vacation. Although I am getting a week closer to being back in school I chose not to think those kind of thoughts. Ignorance is bliss, right? On another note the look for this Friday is khaki and white. I don’t think I truly understood the difference between khaki and olive until a purchased this shirt. Khaki has been a term that has been floating around for a few seasons now about a color that some people would’ve considered to be olive, including myself. But I have finally figured it out. I know, I know a little late for some but here it is.

Khaki (green) is a color between khaki (tan) and olive. It can be used as a neutral just as olive and khaki can be used as neutrals too. Personally, I used to save olive for fall and winter, and then wear khaki in spring and summer. However, I believe that you can wear both of these shades any time of the year and they look great. Especially with white.

I loved pairing this khaki shirt with distressed white denim. In summer white can be used as a base color to give any other color you’re wearing the push it needs to stand out in an outfit. I wore a nude belt and heels as the accent color for this look. I personally think the combination of these colors together is so pretty. Speaking of pretty, how beautiful are those Tardiva Hydrangea in the background?!

What is your favorite summer neutral?

See you Monday!




Not today

Shirt + Zara                    Jeans + Articles of Society                     Belt + Nordstrom

Heels + Aldo                   Bag + Louis Vuitton                                Sunglasses + Quayaustralia







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