Nude has become so popular the last three years. You now have the option to buy almost anything in this shade. Why? Because nude looks great on everyone! This color comes in a variety of shades, can be worn with many shades, and its nude so you know there is a shade out there that looks great with your skin tone. 😉 Its pretty much guaranteed.

It can be tricky to wear nude and not look washed out. There are two things to keep in mind when picking out the shade of nude for you.

  1. Your skin tone/color – Now just because it may be the closet shade to your skin color doesn’t mean that it is the color for you. Usually by picking the shade closet to your natural shade it may look washed out. You want to pick colors and tones that compliment your tone/color.
    1. A general “rule” to follow here is that if you are of fair skin you may want to chose a tone/color that is light or ashy. If you have a medium/olive/yellow skin tone you want to pick shades that have some warmth. If you have a deep skin tone/color you can pick shades that have warm bronze/browns.       *This is all just a “general guide” obviously if you see something in person that you fall in  love with, girl buy it!
  2. What other colors to wear – Nude is a neutral. It can be worn with almost anything. However, if you want it to look its best and not just like another neutral, keeping in mind the other colors that you’re wearing can make any shade of nude really pop. I like to wear nudes with black, white, and grey to really make it stand out.

What ways do you like to walk around in the nude?

See you soon!







Top + By The Way (Revolve)          Jeans + Articles of Society          Heels + Aldo

Handbag + Louis Vuitton              Lariat + Nordstrom                      Sunglasses + Gucci



Image result for gucci circle sunglasses               Image result for nordstrom gold lariat necklace           Related image       Gracie Cowl Top, view 2, click to view large image.                  Image result for aldo mulesImage result for nordstrom articles of society white distressed jeans




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