Hey Everyone! Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this three day weekend as much as I am. To start the weekend off I turned 27 and every year it’s still hard to believe that I’m an adult lol! I have also been super busy completing some DIY projects for a bridal shower. These kind of projects take time but look so pretty. So even though this weekend should be free of labor the show must go on. 😉

Which brings me to the topic of fashion after Labor Day. Now for years Labor Day has been associated with the color white when it comes to clothing. To wear or not to wear? Has been the question for some. In recent years the consensus has been that it is ok to wear white after Labor Day and that it can be the best choice for your look. But there are also some of us who put on our white denim, knowing that it is the exact item we need to finish a look but can’t allow ourselves to wear them because of that one little “rule”. So if this is you I have a few tips that may help.



  1. Starting off small – Sometimes wearing white on the largest part of your body can be uncomfortable so start of with accessories. Try a scarf with the color white. Whenever trying anything new in fashion it may feel less intimidating to try out just a little bit at first to decide if it is or if it’s not for you.
  2. Try smaller body parts – Trying white pants in October or November can feel like a definite NO . If this is the case for you and your outfit needs a little white, try the color on another part of your body. For example wearing white tennis shoes to the gym or to run errands. You can also try a white vest to top off a day or evening look.
  3. Take the Plunge – For some of us simply taking the plunge and committing to a new look is the best way to find out what we like. Diving head first into a look may get the most reaction from you and others around you. You may feel unsure about your look but as the day goes on you may receive a ton of compliments letting you know that you look great in white no matter what season. However, you may still need to prepare yourself for glances and a few questions from co workers and friends if your look is a bit much for them. If this is the case you have to decide if you love your look and if it’s working for you. If it is then continue on my friend and enjoy it!

If you have try these tips or have tried these tips let me know! And if you have any other fashion don’ts/ “rules” that you have heard or follow share them below. It is always interesting to hear and read about what different fashion “rules” we follow. Thanks for reading!

See you Wednesday!



Top + Marshalls                    Pants + Articles of Society                Heels + Steve Madden

Wallet + Louis Vuitton        Necklace + H&M                                 Sunglasses + Quayaustralia



Image result for louis vuitton tan embossed wallet           Image result for steve madden open toed heels              Image result for articles of society white jeans                 Image result for black wrap top

H&M Gold Triple Strand necklace

*Top and shoes are similar




  1. You look so cute doll! I have grown to love the color white more and more so this so called rule is beneath me, lol. But seriously, fashion is all about taking risks and such risks like wearing white I will be taking this fall. I think as long as you stay away from wearing anything white that puts us in mind of spring and summer you will be fine. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.


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