So it is officially football season which for me is a definite sign that fall is on the way. I am not a huge football watcher. I understand some parts of the game but three hours of one game with the clock stopping every 10 minutes is a bit much for me. I used to start the game getting to know who was playing and trying to watch a couple plays and then slowly drifting off into a mid day nap with my cats, but now I have realized how much I can truly get done with all the men in my life ( husband, brother, dad, and cats) occupied watching one of America’s favorite sports. πŸ™‚

Here is a short list of all the things that I get done during the football game.

  1. Nails – During the game when I feel like hanging out on the couch with everyone but not necessarily watching the game I will paint my nails. You can also throw on a mask and whiten your teeth too. πŸ˜‰ (This is assuming your guest are family. lol!) Depending on how exciting the game is or how much your family is a fan of the team this may be risky! But it’s a nice way to hang around and still engage in conversation while getting something for yourself accomplished.
  2. Reading – I’m not talking about anything that has important details. It will be a challenge to try and focus on details over the game talk, occasional cheering, and jumping around. While my nails are drying it helps the time pass faster by being able to flip through a magazine or two. When the fall season begins I always LOVE reading about the new or returning fall trends.
  3. Running Errands During the game is the perfect time to go out with my sister or friends to go pick up those shoes that I have been eyeing or to go for a walk outside and enjoy a sunny cool afternoon.
  4. Baking – When the weather gets cooler I love to stay inside and try new recipes. It’s fun and a great way to spend quality time with my sister making and trying out different foods while everyone is watching the game. And when your dish is done who isn’t going to want food during/ after the game.
  5. Organizing – When I just have time to myself then I will spend it getting my things ready for the next day. Organizing and cleaning out my work bag or putting away a few stray items from the previous week. You know all the little trinkets you keep looking at M- F that you need to put away but don’t have time . .. Β well now you have time. HA!

However if you’re a fan, enjoy the game!

Did your team win or loose yesterday?

See you soon!




2 thoughts on “FALL & FOOTBALL

  1. Haha! Girl I love your list of things to do during a football game. I actually love watching football, but feel like I can make time for at least a few of the things on your list (more particularly when it’s not my favorite team, lol). My team is the Los Angeles Chargers and unfortunately they lost 21-24 to the Broncos. Have a great rest of your week and thanks for sharing babe.


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