Its that time of year again that most of us love and then fail to stick with mid way through January. Personally, I love the idea of setting goals, envisioning the outcome, and then meeting my goals. I think all of us love the feelings of being motivated and inspired, which is why some of us continue to set goals year after year. Here are my resolutions


1. Religion  Continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord and church

2. Blog  Become more active and continue to grow and learn

3. Fitness  I want to eat cleaner and cook more creatively 

4. Finance  Save money

Now my goals are goals that are the same as most of America and I believe thats for a reason. These goals help us feel stability and great overall, who doesn’t want to feel that way. The part that is tough is actually sticking to the plans that we make and here is what I do to help myself “stick to the plan”.

A Planner

Now I have started many planners in the past only for them to join the planner graveyard. My planners are usually replaced with notebooks. I jot down TONS of notes throughout the year of things I need to get done and I cross them off when I’m finished.

Wkly/Mnthly Check Ins

Usually on my notes I write down things I want to complete by the end of the day, week, and eventually for the month. This is essentially the point of a planner and so another small goal of mine this year is to complete my planner so that all of my notes are in one place. 😉

How are you going to keep your resolutions this year? We got this!

See you Friday!




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