Now that we are officially in the middle of winter, I have everyday items that I make sure to keep around to make winter more bearable. These items keep me warm and are super comfortable. If you have a few items that you enjoy you may begin to say to yourself, winter isn’t so bad after all.

  1. WINTER COAT – Each winter I take a look at the coats that I already own and think about how much use I got out of them the previous winter season and if they are functional in my current lifestyle this year. To be honest I don’t get rid of many of them but typically after the holidays any coats that are trending that I may want go on sale like the one I have on.
  2. GLOVES – I don’t know about you but whenever I have any body parts exposed it makes the rest of my body cold. So I always make sure to have a pair of gloves on hand


3.LOTION – Dry cracked hands are not cute but also painful. I am one of those people that has lotion EVERYWHERE. I hate the feeling of dry hands. I even keep a small hand lotion in my car. You never know when you’re gonna look down and cringe looking at your dry hands.

4.FACIAL OIL – If you don’t you should change up your winter skin care routine. The cold air makes everything feel dry, because of this instead of using a moisturizing lotion in the winter I use a facial oil. Every night I use Argan oil on my face and sometimes on the lengths of my hair to keep everything feeling soft.

5.DEEP CONDITIONER – Again, sticking with the theme of keeping everything moisturized I also use a hair mask that is strictly moisturizing in the winter to keep my hair feeling super soft. My favorite is the Moroccanoil line.

6.ROBE – My final winter essential is a cozy robe. Everyone who knows me knows that I love my robes! They are the perfect touch for a warm winter night in. To make your robe even cozier add some cute winter pjs.

Now that I have listed my essentials I would love to hear some of yours and see if I’m missing anything. Comment below and let me know!

See you Wednesday!



*H&M Leggings



Image result for target shea moisture argan oil            Image result for moroccan oil mask           Image result for express black sweater            Image result for tall ugg chestnut         Image result for forever21 faux suede moto jacket




2 thoughts on “WINTER ESSENTIALS

  1. Love all of those, especially the coat you’re wearing in the pictures! I’m in Toronto so same here. I’m really struggling to stay stylish and quite frankly getting tired of all those layers but eh I’m going to LA next week ahaha
    Well done! Much love from a fellow blogger Xo

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