Morning! I wanted to start the weekend off right. Lets talk about getting motivated to workout! Now if we’re all honest, getting motivated can be hard but staying motivated is harder. However, I think we all can agree that we feel happier when we’re healthier so here are some ways that I keep myself on track.

  1. Social media – Sometimes scrolling through your feed is super motivating! It helps me think of new food recipes, workout techniques, and tips for overall health. Some of my IG favs are eatingwell, Adidas women, and Self magazine.
  2. Music – Good music is super motivating when I’m working out! Its the best feeling when you’re mid jumping jack and then one of your favorite songs come on. I always helps me get in one last squat.
  3. New gear – You may feel excited to wear cute sports bra or leggings you just bought. Β Its something small that can give your mood a little boost.
  4. “Treat days” – Now I put this in quotations because I simply refer to it as living lol! but my thoughts are if you’re working this hard you deserve to treat yourself!
  5. How I look and feel – Just plain and simply put staying active just feels good! and it doesn’t hurt to look good too πŸ˜‰

Did I forget anything? Tell me how you stay motivated!

See you Monday!



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