So as many of you can tell I have been working on my fitness for a while now. Lately I have been on a 7 days a week kick and it feels great. Although, as of recently (as in today LOL!) my body needs a little break. So I may go 6 days instead of 7 we’ll see. But if you’re interested in what keeps me going 7 days a week, here it is.

  1. Shoes– When I’m not working out inside of my apartment I love a comfortable pair of shoes. These are important because who wants to be uncomfortable or have to adjust themselves mid work. Staying comfortable will definitely keep you going.
  2. Water– I am a lover of water! I drink lots of it all day long, so I definitely make sure to have some near by when working out for a little boost when I’m feeling winded.
  3. Music– I mentioned this before in a previous blog post. Great music always inspires me to keep going!
  4. Sports bra– Even though this isn’t talked about much it is soooo important. You NEED the RIGHT type of bra for your intended workout. You can’t expect a bra intended for a low impact sessions to support you during a high intensity cardio workout and vice versa. Make sure you’re reading what you’re wearing.
  5. Stretching – Stretching after a workout will always insure that you come back the next day.

Hope these tips help you enjoy your next workout! Leave any tips you have below.

See you Wednesday!



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14 thoughts on “TOP 5 WORKOUT ESSENTIALS

  1. Congrats on working out everyday love. Trying to get rid of those holiday kilos so back at it! I actually love listening to podcast when I work out, find that it makes the time go faster.
    Might be cheesy but I love your quick and easy to read content and your lay out! Xo

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