With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it may be helpful to get some ideas out early because I am notorious for the last minute gift. And I mean LAST minute but not this year lol! After spending 12 years shopping for Valentine’s Day gift for Nick I’ve pretty much bought everything you can think of, but this year I am going to try something new. This year I thought of the idea of buying something for your significant other that they can wear on Valentines day. For many this is probably old news but I’ve have never tried this, here are my ideas for men and women.

  1. Fragrances – I love when I walk past someone and notice how great they smell. Now that its winter I also like the idea of pairing my favorite perfume with the coordinating body creme to help it last even longer.
  2. Lipstick – It is always fun to wear red on Valentines day but you can give any special person in your life a color or chapstick that best suits them.
  3. Clothing – Thinking of what to wear can be a small hurdle if you can’t decide. So if your going to dinner with your bestie, significant other, or family if you know what they like help them out and pick something out for them that you’re sure they’ll love!
  4. Accessories – Now jewelry is usually what comes to mind first but hey you never know the person in your life may need some extra help picking out their scarf this year because it is February lol!

Here’s a little fun fact. I’m always reminded this time of year of when I was growing up every year for valentines day my mom would always give me and my siblings a box of chocolates and a card. Thanks mom πŸ™‚ So remember whatever you choose to do with any special person in your life enjoy!



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  1. This is so cute! It’s the first time I read a Valentine’s Day post that mentions the family! Valentine’s day reminds me of exchanging small gifts with my mom and sisters too! I hope you have a lovely Vday!

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