Now that I am fortunate enough to be on summer vacation I am literally living a never ending weekend life style but up until last week I had my own list of ways that I could take a mental break during the week. Here’s a list of a few things I like to do in order to enjoy everyday.

  1. DINNER – Pick a day during the week that you either get off early or don’t mind sticking around a little later than usual and go to dinner after work with a friend. Nothing is better than patio weather and a glass of wine!
  2. A MOVIE – I went to see a movie a few Thursday nights in a row and it was so much fun! It honestly reminded me of high school. lol! Who doesn’t love movie theater POPCORN?! It was a perfect night when I got out of the theater and you now have something new to talk about with your co-workers tomorrow morning.
  3. A COOKING CLASS – Again, so much fun! The food taste amazing, you get to spend time with family or a friend, and you feel like you can conquer the world even if you are only making pasta. My only suggestion is not to take a class on a Monday night. I did this once, and I was not happy to see Tuesday morning.
  4. READING – I am currently obsessed with any poetry there is to read. I recently read both of Rupi Kaur‘s books. The sun and her flowers being my favorite, and I have been on the search for anything similar since. I love books that feel empowering and have meaning. Her books have both and are beautifully written. They are perfect for a summer night on your balcony.
  5. SPA NIGHT – Now I don’t call them “spa nights” but that is what they feel like to me. Mine usually entails comfy bra, a face mask, painting my nails, reading a magazine, and maayybbee a Β glass of wine. When in doubt, drink the wine πŸ™‚


I hope this motivates some of you to spice up your week and if you are already living your best life then . . cheers!


See you Monday




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Never Ending Weekend V1



8 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND

  1. Ahhhh it’s been SO LONG since we’ve been to the movies! We really need to go, it is such a flashback to being in high school! And sitting out on a patio for dinner if one of our favorite summer activities. This is such a perfect summer list!

    Susie |

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