During the summer I like to change things up. I always grab purses that are lighter in colors and I downsize. Smaller purses are easy in warm weather because you can just grab them and go. So that brings me to my next point. If I am carrying a smaller purse then I’m not going to put much inside. Honestly I love carrying just the bare minimum of what I need inside of my purse. My shoulders get tired carrying this much lol! So I don’t need to carry a lot of extras.




There are a few things I always make sure to carry in my purse.

  1. LIPGLOSS – I really carry any and every lip product you can imagine from lip liner to gloss. I always make sure to have something that will keep my lip moisturized like the Dior Lip Glow . Then I will add some lipstick or gloss to top it off. This summer I have been loving the NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm . It is the perfect peachy color for summer.
  2. PERFUME – I have discovered a new perfume for the summer. Philosophy Love Sweet Love  is floral, musky, but light all at the same time. It feels feminine and pretty.
  3. BLOTTING SHEETS – I think we all know why we need these. They are life savers when you need to get rid of any excess oil. On a 90* day I don’t know who doesn’t have excess oil. 😉

So I don’t think it gets any simpler than this. I may add sanitizer, a brush, and my wallet but thats it. 🙂 It doesn’t seem like much but when you think about what you really NEED on a summer day? I love living in the moment. Enjoy the weekend!

See you Monday




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