Good Morning! It is a Friday and it feels like this week has just flown by. I’m pretty sure it is because I have been busier this week than I normally am. So it’s both good and bad. Good because I’ve been spending lots of time with people but bad because no one wants their vacation to wither away.

On another note, as you have noticed by the title this post is about summer festivals. For me its the first thing that comes to mind when the month of June rolls around. I have already gone to a few of my favorites and I may go to one tonight.

This look that I am wearing is typically what I wear to these events. I may switch the pants out for shorts and if it is cooler I’ll throw the jacket on instead of wearing it around my waist. I always carry a jacket because I am one of those people who’s always cold. Even if its 90 I know theres a night breeze waiting for me somewhereΒ lol! On this night my jacket actually was needed because it poured later.

I also love that this look can also easily transition into fall. You can just change up the colors or keep them the same and apply the same look to an outdoor fall concert. You can wear this to on a trip to a farm or pumpkin patch too.

What are you wearing to festivals this summer? Let me know down below πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the weekend!



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