When it comes to hair care I have become pretty particular over the years about the products that I use. I have tried a lot of everything but have also remained loyal to a few brands. With trial and error I have found out that higher end salon products have helped my hair withstand some pretty cringe worthy times. We’ve all been there and now I’m going to share my current go to products.

Now that I have color treated hair I had to switch up my shampoo and conditioner for products that would be much more conditioning and strengthening. Which is something that I would highly recommend to anyone that colors their hair no matter what color you dye your hair. When coloring your hair you are altering the natural structure of your strands so even though products aren’t going to completely fill these gaps in your strands conditioning and strengthening always helps! 🙂


Shimmer Lights shampoo + conditioner + Aussie’s 3 Minute miracle – Yes I use all three at the same time when I first get into the shower. I apply the shampoo to my scalp and the other two to my ends because I need the cleansing and toning at the roots and moisturizing and toning on my ends. I like to tone for about 10 minutes so that my bronde (brown +blonde) is as bright and beautiful as possible! So I tone while I shave. *(Shimmer Lights)  (Aussie)


Kérastase Strengthening Shampoo – I use this after toning to make sure my scalp is really clean.


Kérastase Chroma Captive (Hair Mask) – I apply this while my hair is still wet outside of the shower. It sits for 20 minutes with indirect heat so that it further absorbs into my strands. I do this under a hooded dryer or with a towel on my head. When crunched for time I will apply in the shower and let the steam from the shower help it to penetrate the strands. Your hair will feel like silk after this! *Kerastase


Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor or 10 Min Protein Treatment – My hair responds really well to a little extra protein. I will do these the recommended time on each bottle. I will use the reconstructor (elasticity treatment) every other week. I will use the protein treatment once every 6 weeks if my hair is in REALLY bad shape. I do not use both treatments at the same time. These treatments help prevent breakage, fill in any gaps in the hair from chemical or heat damage, and moisturize the scalp. *(Aphogee)


Kérastase Resurfacing Strengthening Milk + Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream/ Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream + Moroccanoil Treatment – These are interchangeable and I use whichever styling product I feel that I need at the moment. They all protect, add shine, and smell amazing! *(Moroccanoil)


So there you have it! My weekly routine that brings my hair back to life. After completing these steps I air dry my hair and style as usual.

See You Friday!







If there is any makeup product that I love the most it would hands down be any lip product. As you read before, I always find at least one that I can’t refuse. I love the variety of colors, the different textures, and the finishing touch that they add to any look.

This past week I went to CVS in search of the ELF liquid lipsticks that has been the talk around Youtube but unfortunately I did not find them. Even though I was a little bummed out I was even more surprised to discover the new additions to drugstore makeup. You can pretty  much find anything on trend in drugstore makeup.

Milani LC

I left with the Milani Arome Matte Lip Crèmes. Milani has never failed me when it comes to lip products! They are a dream! Always creamy, pigmented, and smell like vanilla. These lip cremes check off everything on the list. They dry within a minute, once dry there is no transfer, last for hours, and like any other liquid lipstick look best if you scrub your lips first and apply a light moisturizer.

From Lft – Rt: Precious, Covet, Pretty, and (lipliner) 03 Nude

As you can see Precious is a beautiful “cool – toned rose” shade. It is not too deep that it can’t be worn as an everyday lip color. It is perfect. I also love Covet! It is a warm brown shade, described as “vampy” on the Milani website. It doesn’t make my lips appear ashy or washed out. It is very pretty in natural light. Pretty was a little harder for me to wear. Because it was so pigmented it was a little too pink. Described as a “Nude pink” on the website. Often times pairing a lighter shade with a darker lip liner will help to even things out but for me this wasn’t a good pairing with Milani’s nude lip liner. I’ll play around a little bit to see if there’s another lip liner that works better but this just may not be a shade for me. It looks absolutely gorgeous here on my arm but dries differently on my lips.

Overall, these are winners in my book. They are affordable (mine were buy one get one half off). Milani has 24 shades to choose from online. What more could you ask for?!

See You Friday


Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème




FullSizeRender 2

You can never have too many nude lip stick, stains, or glosses. The moment I go through mine, clean them out, say I don’t need anymore; is the exact moment I discover another one that I just have to HAVE. The new one is creamier,  just the right shade, last all day, and I convince myself and others around me that I just need it. Lately, I’ve been more selective about what I’m choosing to bring home. I have not one regret about the Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Trio that is currently on sale in the annual Nordstom Anniversary Sale.

This set comes with an art stick liquid lip, a lip pencil, and a lip color. It states that it is creamy, last up to eight hours, is semi- matte, and can be combined together for even longer lasting wear. If you are one of those people who isn’t completely sold on the matte lip but still likes the look, this kit would be perfect for you because it is a semi matte finish.

I love this kit because like the title says it looks like my own lips but with a little something extra. It feels moisturizing, which is so necessary. When I put the combination of all three products to the brunch test the color lasted the entire time and a few hours after. This color can be worn all year round. Making this a great investment!

If you ventured out to the Nordstrom anniversary sale what were some staple pieces that you picked out?

See you Friday!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale










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